Our Founders

Meet the Founders

On a Mission to Help Small Businesses Succeed

Ro Prakash, Co-founder
Growing up the son of small business owners, Ro developed a deep understanding of the day-to-day problems they face. Now, he’s driven to protect small businesses and help them thrive. One thing he knows business owners are short on is time, and he realized they needed opportunities to connect and lend each other expertise quickly and easily. Ro believes that to compete in today's economy, small businesses need to be able to operate at the level of scale that larger chains can—in terms of both knowledge and economics. Access to a network of peers is the first step towards that goal. He is a Stanford Neuroscience MD/PhD student and author of over a dozen articles focused on mental disease. Ro is continually inspired by the passion, skill, and risk-taking of entrepreneurs in starting and sustaining their businesses.
Nipul Patel, Co-founder
Nipul is a passionate advocate for the culture and vitality of small businesses in local communities. He was born into a family sustained not only by its own small-business ownership of independent restaurants in Memphis, but also by the communities that supported those businesses. After nearly seven years at Corporate Executive Board (CEB) optimizing risk management strategy, product development, operational efficiency, and financial growth for businesses globally, he left consulting to pursue Townsquared full time. He wants to help provide local business owners the single most important factor for leveraging and converting all their economic and people power into action: a meaningful way to connect with their peers.

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