Small business owners have to wear a lot of hats, but it’s impossible to be an expert in every part of operating a small business. This is why we draw on diverse local and national small business service providers to share knowledge, tools, and resources to help our small business members to succeed. Whether that’s partnering with us to present information at one of our Townsquared events, hosting a webinar, posting a helpful tip, or just chiming in on an active conversation among local business owners, our experts play a key role in community success.

Being part of our expert program isn’t just great for community goodwill, it’s also a positive way to build the networks and relationships that can lead to your own business success. Posting on Townsquared about topics in your wheelhouse allows people to become aware of your services. It is hard to be seen as a thought leader in the ocean of Twitter or LinkedIn, but not so on Townsquared, where your expertise doesn't have to cut through so much noise. Participate with quality posts and folks will see your expertise. Then, when members are ready to invest in their business, you will be top-of-mind.

We are always on the lookout for small business service providers who are experts in their fields—basically anything and everything from visual merchandising, graphic design, and SEO to general contracting, accounting, and fitness.

To join our expert program and be highlighted in the Townsquared community, please contact!

Townsquared Experts

Zev Asch

Business Consultant

Nicole Hanusek

Web Design

Jonathan Katz

Electronic Payment Systems

Frank Favell

Business Strategy

Debbie Davies

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Kristian Rivera

Payroll, HR, Benefits

David Ganulin

SMS/Text Marketing

Michael Drucker

Software Project Management

Joanes Prosper

Creative Director/Video Production

Coor Cohen

Personal and Virtual Assistance

Kirsten Curry

Retirement Consultant

Danny Done

Digital Marketing

Manny Jacobowitz

Attorney, Business Law

Keith Gormezano

Accounting & Quickbooks

Chris Guillot

Retail Consultant

Gordon Kushnick

Health Insurance and Benefits

Tom Keith

IT, Strategy, Creative and UX Staffing

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Web Design

Jared Brick

Digital Media

Juliet Hattersley

Business Law

Randy Lyman

Tech Consultant

Zack Dennig

Software Designer and Producer

William Perez

Tax Professional

Eric Williams


Darlene Crane

Strategic Business Growth

Jake Birnberg

Tax Strategy

Lisa Cain

Marketing Consultant

Russ Singer

Financial Advice

Lauren Messmer

Business Consultant

John Van Geffen

Attorney, Business Law

David Mitroff

Business Development and Marketing

Leeann Alameda

Marketing and Branding

Dr. Tony Pennells

Financial Planning

Rose Balderian

Visual Merchandising

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