Local Leaders

Small business owners wear a lot of hats, and it can be difficult to be an expert in every aspect of operating a small business. At Townsquared, we collaborate with local leaders from our small business communities to draw on their knowledge, tools, and resources. Whether it’s partnering with us to present information at a Townsquared events, hosting a webinar, posting a helpful tip, or chiming in on an active conversation with local business owners on our platform, our leaders play a key role in helping all small businesses succeed.

With so many small businesses out there doing everything from visual merchandising, graphic design, and SEO to general contracting, accounting, and fitness, we can all learn from each other. We are always on the lookout for small business owners and managers who want to be community leaders within their local neighborhoods and cities.

Being a Townsquared local leader isn’t just great for community goodwill, it’s also a positive way to build the networks and relationships that can lead to your own business success. Posting and commenting on Townsquared about topics in your wheelhouse allows you to share your hard-earned knowledge and help you, and your community, grow and succeed.  

To become a local leader and be highlighted in the Townsquared community, please contact support@townsquared.com!

Townsquared Local Leaders

Zev Asch


Nicole Hanusek

Smack Happy Design

Jonathan Katz

Liberty Credit Card Solutions

Frank Favell

Alabaster & Fern

Debbie Davies

Focus + Finance

Kristian Rivera


David Ganulin

Local Mobile Marketing Solutions

Michael Drucker

Michael H. Drucker Consulting

Joanes Prosper

Prosper Digital

Coor Cohen

Badass P.A.

Kirsten Curry

Leading Retirement Solutions

Danny Done

Marketeering Group

Manny Jacobowitz

Johnston Jacobowitz & Arnold, PC

Keith Gormezano

Dr. Quick Books Inc.

Chris Guillot

Merchant Method

Gordon Kushnick

Essential Benefits

Tom Keith

Solid State Pros

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Waterlink Web

Jared Brick

Brick House Media Co.

Juliet Hattersley

Aharoni Business Law, PC

Randy Lyman

The Tech Uncle

Zack Dennig

Zack Dennig

William Perez

William Perez

Eric Williams

Sentry Protective Service

Darlene Crane

The CraneWorks

Jake Birnberg

Deduction Detectives

Lisa Cain


Russ Singer

Russ Singer CFP

Lauren Messmer


John Van Geffen

Michael L Dworkin & Associates

David Mitroff

Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc.

Leeann Alameda

Alameda Marketing Solutions

Dr. Tony Pennells


Rose Balderian

VM Works

Chris Warren

Marjory Warren

Tabeel Rush

Tabeel Aromatherapy Gifts

Mun Chan


Steven Stark

Beacon Paint & Hardware

Arman Roksar


Tracy Rosensteel

Inizio Entertainment, LLC

Ruth Domber

10/10 Optics

Elisa Bluming

Bluming Studio

Xenia Viray

Myths of Creation

Brittany DiMarco

Stand Up NY

Robert Miles

Heartland Payment Systems

Alex Honcharenko

New York 19

Mary Pino

The Gilded Grape

Christa Thiesing

Christa Thiesing

Riccardo Marini

Jenrich Business Consultant

Dailey Crafton

Lockstep Studio

Cindy Rodriguez

Lockstep Studio

Almu Corazon

Simple & Social

Dan Bowser

Business Money Insights

David Garfinkel

Jingle Direct

Vernita Naylor

Jabez Entertainment Group

Joie Seldon

Joie Seldon Consulting

Phil See

Saturn Tech Consulting

Gerard Wirz

EAT Ballard

Jen Kligerman

Jen Kligerman

PG Carr

Handy Web Guy LLC

Paullette Gaudet

Raven Cuts, Color, & Conversation,

Cori Ready

Ready Event Planning and Services

Joe Scheets

Tae'o and Terrak

Julia Wayne

Julia Wayne

Crystal Scheer

Charmed Chocolates

Anna Barrett

Flex and Spool CycleBar

Jennalee Evavold

Photo Prep for Web

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