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Alex Honcharenko

Creative Director


New York 19 is the brainchild of Alexander Honcharenko, a young marketer and corporate development strategist from New York City.

In his mid-teens, he started advising international fashion brands through Instagram—some of which went on to reach millions of dollars in annual sales in just a few short years. Over that time he realized that building businesses was his passion, and decided to put his formal education aside in order to pursue it full-time.

Out of this experience came New York 19, an agency aimed at modernizing the world of commerce through innovative marketing work, both digital and physical.

In 2016, Alex took on a Miami based modeling agency as a client. With his help, they’ve managed to build recognition both in the United States and internationally in most of Western Europe. He’s now a co-owner with the original founder and continuing his work with them as their director of digital and social media.

Since then, Alex has been brought in to work with NYC political campaigns and infrastructure tech startups. His work affects all 8 million of the city’s residents on a daily basis.

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