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Almu Corazon

Social and Brand Management


Simple & Social is an Integrated Systemic Management boutique agency based in New York focused on helping executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners hone their positioning, leveraging offline efforts online to increase sales and ROI, minimize costs and expand a successful reputation.

Anything is possible: We believe in sustainable entrepreneurship and persisting with a great new idea in the face of dogmatic adherence to old standards and maxims. The bumblebee featured in our brand reflects this notion. Believes determine our results. Hone the positioning strategy to achieve the success and reputation you are looking for. According to the laws of physics, bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly because their body is too big and their wings too fragile. Yet they beat their wings 130 times per second and are a crucial piece of our ecosystem. They believed they could make it, and they keep doing it even though “”the laws”” say the opposite. Have you ever thought maybe your wings weren’t strong enough to carry you? Contact us to discuss your situation and find solutions to generate results.

Our approach is to be your bridge to innovative business strategies, we act as your advisor on designing the most effective strategy to increase the return of investment of your professional practice. Simple and Social integrated positioning solutions and services aim to help you generate the results and build the brand and reputation you aspire to have. We streamline complexity so, we can move swiftly and effectively to meet your needs on honing your brand positioning and reputation, online positioning and engagement; event positioning; assistance on your career transformation; and, provide multigenerational alignment solutions.

It’s simple, make it social.

Simple & Social works to empower professionals and entrepreneurs to stay a step ahead in life and in business. So they can flourish and thrive in innovation, achieve a sustainable growth, expand with low risk and manage a mindful conscious practice.”

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