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Cori Ready

Event Designer


Cori Ready is an event designer, stylist, scene maker and entrepreneurial community builder who has managed campaigns throughout the last ten years, turning out superior product with attention paid to the smallest of details for Seattle clients like Vulcan, POSSIBLE (ZAAZ), PopCap Games, Forest City, Publicis, Maveron and institutions like EMP, KEXP, Burke Museum, Cal Anderson Park Alliance, Seattle Parks Foundation and more!

Specializing in strategic partnerships, Cori has the ability to lead or direct cross-functional teams across multiple geographical locations in experiential marketing campaigns and execute events for over 25,000 people at a time. An expert presenter and public speaker, she provides heavy hitters with turn-key solutions from ideation to execution. A fast-thinker fluent in creative innovation, Cori knows how to accomplish a lot with a little and scale to projects using resources like her large social network. Deeply entrenched in her communities, she has served as the Former Board President Reel Grrls, Seattle Design Foundation founding member, member of the Seattle Parks Foundation Communications Committee, member of ARCADE Magazine Special Events Committee, as well as former member Henry Art Gallery Contemporaries and Seattle Art Museum Regroup.

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