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Darlene Crane

Strategic Business Growth


The CraneWorks helps CEOs grow great companies using a holistic Steady Growth approach, in which the owner/entrepreneur makes the decisions on growth rate, pace, and resources to invest.

Darlene Crane, President, is a strategic business growth adviser with a specialty in revenue generation. She has helped hundreds of small and mid-size businesses in the East Bay and greater Bay Area achieve annual growth and performance goals and objectives. She has an MBA in Finance and social science research skills which she uses to help owners find new business growth opportunities, develop business plans and implement projects that deliver the desired end results in financial and greater social/economic goals.

Over the last decade, Darlene has focused on how small and mid-size businesses create sustainable healthy growth and stay connected to communities and culture. After serving as Executive Director of The Alliance for Community Development in Oakland from 2011 to 2015, she is back in full-time private practice to help many more businesses.

Darlene’s early career was during Bank of America’s turnaround in the 1980s. That experience taught her the importance of decision making and leadership across the company, no matter what size. She understands both routine and tough decisions CEOs have to make in good and bad times. She worked her way to being a Group Product Manager at Bank of America’s Credit Card Division, where Darlene completed projects considered “impossible.”

She transformed her knack for building compelling business cases for enterprise and product projects  into a consulting practice. Her capacity to make sense of complex customer needs, product portfolios and services was honed in enterprise systems projects and merger integrations for major clients including Visa International, Southern California Edison, Quantum Corporation, as well as numerous financial institutions.