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David Ganulin

SMS/Text Marketing


David Ganulin’s passion is helping small business owners. He’s a unique amalgam of educator, published writer, entrepreneur, and marketer. He began his first business, KettleBell Concepts (KBC), in 2002, completely from the ground up. KBC was completely bootstrapped with no partners, no investors, and came long before anyone knew what a kettlebell was or before companies like CrossFit were on the radar. He did all his own marketing and PR, everything from attending trade shows, email marketing, demos, cold calling, to webinars and conducting hundreds of presentations to C-level executives nationwide. KBC has trained over 6,000 fitness professionals globally, has built a completely organic email list of nearly 75,000 and works with the largest distributors in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

Dave was lucky enough to work with amazing mentors and advisors. He was doing content marketing out of necessity to scale his business before it was even called that. Concurrent with scaling KBC, he held positions as a Marketing Director with a major non-profit organization in NYC, worked for one of the top email marketing companies in the B2B space, and started Local Mobile Marketing Solutions which is geared strictly toward helping brick and mortar neighborhood businesses navigate the digital landscape.

Dave loves to travel in his spare time and, after attending graduate school for his MS in Teaching, Curriculum, and Development from the University of Rochester, he spent six years in Japan working as a college professor at various universities, colleges, and trade schools.

With Local Mobile Marketing Solutions, David brings his experience to sms/text message marketing. David works with bars, restaurants, retail stores, nutritionists, chiropractors, dentists, doctors, lawyers. . .the works. He works to educate business owners on how to “do this marketing stuff.”

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