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John Van Geffen

Attorney, Business Law


After living in SF for seven years, I recently moved to a home in Emeryville for my growing family. The crazy thing is my commute into the Financial District is now shorter then when I lived in the Inner Richmond.

About me: attorney by trade, bartender by osmosis, and devil’s advocate by choice.

I represent clients in a wide spectrum of legal areas including commercial and business transactions, litigation and regulatory compliance. My clients include startups, land developers, insurance carriers, airlines and charter companies, management companies, claims petitioners, and high net-worth individuals.

I have extensive experience helping entrepreneurs start new businesses, everything from assisting in entity formations to designing ownership structures, capital investments, setting up operating accounts, and putting in place equity incentive plans to attract and retain the best available personnel for positions of high responsibility.

I’m also a highly active member of the transportation community and a trustee on the Board of Directors for the Oakland Aviation Museum. There’s more…I’m also the Western-Pacific Regional Vice President of the International Air & Transportation Safety Bar Association (previously the National Transportation Safety Board Bar Association). And last, I’m a panel attorney with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s legal services plan and an active member of both the International Society of Air Safety Investigators and the Northern California Business Aviation Association.