Townsquared Local Leaders

Lauren Messmer

Business Consultant


I literally grew up with business all around me. For 20 years, my parents ran a busy gourmet food distribution business right out of our home. From this experience I had the opportunity to observe what it means to own a business and to learn some of the most valuable lessons about entrepreneurship, partnerships, life, and personal integrity. I saw firsthand the challenges and rewards of being in business for yourself, which still inspired me to open several businesses over the past few decades in industries ranging from music to health and wellness to hospitality. This passion has brought me to where I am now-—co-owner of the business strategy, marketing, and design firm called MeetGeraldine, where I have the opportunity to support other business owners in achieving their dreams.

As dorky as it sounds, turning a brainstorming session into a cohesive and successful brand and marketing strategy is one of my favorite things to do! I LOVE to create “brands” and to watch them come to life through the various marketing channels. One of my greatest strengths, and what makes me successful at what I do, is my ability to listen to clients and extract a true understanding of their business goals and needs.

I am excited to be part of Townsquared and to get to know more about the businesses in our neighborhood. I look forward to meeting you.