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Leeann Alameda

Marketing and Branding


I began my marketing career at a world-class organization, Pixar Animation Studios. While there I developed and executed marketing strategies for 12 award-winning global film campaigns. I worked with the very best in the business, learning the principles of design and the art of storytelling from renowned filmmakers. Pixar also gave me the opportunity to hone the most effective ways to plan multifaceted and targeted marketing campaigns. I managed the Pixar brand across numerous Disney business divisions, such as promotions, home entertainment, consumer products, and theme parks to maximize revenue and franchise profitability.

I left the entertainment business and followed my heart’s desire, which was to be part of a mission-driven organization. I was the first Director of Communications at REDF, a nonprofit that creates jobs for people facing barriers to work. While there I was able to make their brand story and messaging much clearer and more compelling and connect them to a broader audience. I developed a new campaign and overhauled their website, collateral, and presentations to be more engaging and cohesive. I promoted their position as a thought leader through social media, blogs, email marketing, events, and publicity. As a result, there was greater support for the mission, and the budget increased from $9 million to $11 million in two years.

I am now able to bring this comprehensive knowledge to my clients to elevate your marketing and succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Providing consulting services in marketing and branding, I have a passion for storytelling and can transform your vision into results. I’ll partner with you to deliver customized solutions, scaling a plan to the size and scope of your organization. I bring a multifaceted approach to marketing, with great ideas and creative problem solving. The depth and breadth of my background allows me to bring a personal touch to larger campaigns, and professional expertise to smaller organizations.

I have nearly 20 years experience directing and implementing best practices in marketing, branding, and creative solutions in both the private (Pixar) and nonprofit sectors. I innately understands what is unique to each field, and am positioned to enhance your marketing efforts in either environment. I started Alameda Marketing Solutions with a passion to empower small businesses and nonprofits to tell their brand story in a clear and compelling way, maximize their marketing effectiveness, and connect with a larger audience to create growth.

Whether it’s new messaging, creating impactful marketing materials, developing an integrated communications plan or promoting a new enterprise, Alameda Marketing Solutions can provide the right solutions to help you achieve your goals.