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Lisa Cain

Marketing Consultant


Small, local business owners are my favorite customers! I help them grow their businesses through effective and efficient marketing using the right tool(s) for the job. I offer several consulting packages so you can find the best fit for your needs. I bring both academic and practical expertise to my clients with a PhD in Marketing and years of running my own business, as well as helping clients grow theirs!

I have always loved to learn – even as a quite tiny four-year old Army brat stationed with my family in England in the middle of the academic year. I told the intimidating headmaster at the local school that I wanted to start school– “tomorrow!” (much to my mother’s surprise!)

This love of learning (and later teaching) has re-appeared throughout my life. After college, I did the corporate routine for a bit but also went to school in the evenings to earn my MBA. After finishing the MBA, I realized that I still wanted more – and got a PhD! While I’m done with my own formal education, I never stop being engaged in learning, teaching, and coaching.

Small business owners have been my clients for over 10 years in my role as co-founder of PagePoint Web Solutions and now as founder of MarketingU. I am thrilled when I can help a client clarify their marketing objectives and, more importantly, achieve them.

MarketingU is based on the idea that small business owners can learn about marketing strategy and tactics and execute these efforts to grow their business with just a little extra help and nudge to get them to their goals faster and more effectively.