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Michael Drucker

Software Project Management


Michael H. Drucker Consulting is a rapid-delivery software project management company specializing in current technology, Internet, Ecommerce, client-server, IT Consulting, and distributed-database development. Drawing on our proven methodology, management techniques, and technical expertise, we work in partnership with our customers to develop and deliver applications quickly. We then transfer the knowledge that our customers need to realize continuing returns on their investment. We are a virtual company with a large international expertise.

I have over 50 years experience in the design and implementation of computer systems. This experience includes development of business applications; designing data base systems; software selection; conducting feasibility studies of proposed business applications; and project management of business application systems. Among the many services I have provided to a diverse range of clients are the following: analysis; defining and implementing computer systems to do a variety of business functions; training system users, operators and programmers; performing the functions of COO for a Franchiser of Software Stores, MIS Director of an International Mail Order company, Sr. VP & CIO of an International Mail Order company, CIO of an Internet Portal & E-Commerce company, CTO of an Internet Consulting Group, CTO of an Interior Architect and Designer Portal/ASP, CTO of marchFIRST, and CIO/CTO of an Entertainment Portal providing Pay Per View & Video on Demand. I have started three IT Consulting companies, a Communication company, and a Software Development company in the medical office management and insurance billing arena.


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