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Nicole Hanusek

Web Design


My name is Nicole Hanusek, and my goal is to create beautiful, effective websites that elevate my clients’ online presence.

I began designing websites in 1998, back when websites were just starting to become “a thing.” Because I started so long ago, I learned how to build a website from the ground up. I bring that know-how to every site I build. I design in Photoshop; I hand-code in HTML, CSS, and PHP; and I provide a full website from start to finish, helping my clients through the entire process. I truly enjoy my job because it combines creativity, logic, and problem-solving. In college, I majored in illustration, and when I was growing up, I excelled in math and science. I think web design is the perfect combination of those two subjects.

I started Smack Happy Design in 2008 because I really enjoy working on a variety of projects, and Smack Happy lets me help people and companies with their challenges. I’ve created solutions for lawyers, caterers, hair stylists, schools, artists, and many other business types.

My goal is to make sure that all of my clients have a beautiful, professional, and easy-to-use website. I want visitors to my clients’ sites to know exactly what my clients do. Whether someone visits a site to purchase a product, buy a service, or just to get in touch, I want the end goal to be easy to accomplish. I help my clients make that happen because I care about their business, and I care about helping them achieve their goals.