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PG Carr

Web Developer


Handy Web Guy LLC provides web services such as hosting, domain registration and creating custom web sites/platforms.

Handy Web Guy’s mission is that no matter what your organization does, you deserve a web presence that puts your “best foot forward”. A website is your storefront / office on the web and you want your physical location to look it’s best…why not your online services?

A bit about PG Carr, owner of Handy Web Guy LLC,

“In 2002, I was laid off from an insurance and surety company in downtown Seattle. I decided at that point that I wanted to start my own company because I wanted a different direction in my career. I have worked full time since then, without one day ever at another job. Very hard work for sure, but well worth it. In 2007, I started working from ActivSpace Offices (First near Woodland Park Zoo and now out of wonderful West Seattle). I joined the Fremont and Rainier Chambers of Commerce in 2008 and over time served as the Secretary of Fremont Chamber and the CO Vice President of Rainier Chamber. In 2015 I founded Handy Web Guy “At your service”. I continue to seek how to best serve the community through my web platforms custom designed lovingly and painstakingly for each client.”

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