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Phil See

PC Repair


Phil See has been a PC repair tech since 1996 when he worked at a corporate headquarters supporting more than 1000 users. After 12 years there and another 2 at a non-profit, he decided to start Saturn when other stores just started adding PC repair to their services. Saturn Tech’s mission: To provide affordable expert PC repair services to homes and small businesses and to be and advocate for elderly computer users. Phil doesn’t charge for diagnostics or the wait-times for software utilities to finish running. Phil has managed Help Desks and Computer Support divisions and he takes customer service very seriously. Saturn is conveniently located in Seattle’s Ballard community.

A little bit about Phil…

“I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Seattle and have lived in North Ballard since 1992 with my wife Susan.
I started Saturn Tech Consulting LLC in 2010 to provide fairly-priced mobile PC repair service for homes and small businesses in Seattle after working as a tech lead and manager at Holland America Line and PATH.

I’ve been a musician most of my life playing piano, rhythm and lead guitar, bass, drums and vocals and I’ve been composing since 1974. I also enjoy 2D and 3D film and digital photography, writing, and gazing at planets and stars through my 8” diameter 5′ long reflector telescope. I like bicycling and walking.

In 2002, I was diagnosed with Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis and could no longer play any of my instruments or even put on my socks. I kept trying in spite of this and via a natural process the brain uses to heal itself when injured called neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity, my abilities came back stronger than ever. All I had to do was keep trying and I have never medicated for MS. Here’s that story.

I learned about Townsquared from an email invite to a Ballard Happy Hour and after going and also checking Townsquared out online, I found the platform much more enjoyable and effective for small businesses than any other community-specific business networking associations, or related sites.”

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