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Randy Lyman

Tech Consultant


Randy Lyman is a content producer who helps purpose-driven, people-minded businesses and organizations with two of the biggest challenges everyone faces: content marketing and technology. Randy makes those things work together.

After 32 years writing, editing, publishing, making videos, managing networks, and training users, the one thing Randy never, ever forgets? What it’s like to be a beginner.

No matter where you are in life or business, a “beginner’s mind” may be the most important thing to keep as you grow, period. It keeps your perspective fresh, always receptive, always eager.

Randy is especially interested in working with people like him: purpose-driven, people-minded entrepreneurs who may have given up a stable and probably lucrative job to follow their heart, to pursue their own business and passions, to help people and improve the world we live in; to do well by doing good.

Randy’s work today as The Tech Uncle is not a career change but a natural evolution and consolidation of what he’s been doing since he was a kid. When you work with The Tech Uncle, you get the benefit of a lifetime of skill, experience, and gadgets.