Townsquared Local Leaders

Rose Balderian

Visual Merchandising


When I was 8 years old I realized I had an affinity for art projects, hammering nails, and grouping my wardrobe by sleeve length. Ten years later, I found myself studying Visual Communications at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco. While I learned about color theory, design concepts, and how to use Photoshop in school, the majority of my experience comes from working in the field in the retail sector. Being on the floor helped me realize how visual merchandising can impact not just sales but also store operations, human resources, inventory, loss prevention, and customer lifetime value.

I had spent much of my 15-year visual merchandising career managing multiple locations and working with luxury retail brands, but after volunteering with Women’s Initiative, a local nonprofit that helped low-income women launch their own business, I realized that my passion lies in helping the small business community grow. I officially launched VM Works in 2016 and have found that working with independent retailers is incredibly fulfilling, and that I really enjoy the challenge of coming up with resourceful ways to create displays that meet their budgets. I’m excited to grow VM Works and share my merchandising knowledge with the local business community.

VM Works strives to teach small retailers how they can use visual merchandising to their advantage and makes an effort to design displays for them that realistically fit their shop’s needs and priorities. While it’s nice to have a “pretty display,” the end goal is to make more sales! Whether you’re in the planning stages of opening your dream store or already an established business with a full team, VM Works’ services are flexible and can be customized to fit your small business needs:

  • Window Display Installation: First impressions are important and window displays can attract or discourage your customers from entering the store. Contact VM Works for a free estimate to update your window display.
  • Booth Display Consultation: It’s not always easy to incorporate branding, merchandising, and customer engagement techniques in a small area. Contact VM Works to learn tips and tricks to maximize your selling space.
  • In-Store Merchandising: You can entice customers to shop longer and buy more when you implement visual merchandising techniques in your store.