Your online footprint should be a reflection of your strategic business goals. It??s important that the online marketer, web design and development professionals you select are on board to help you achieve them. Taking the time to ask far-reaching questions before hiring anyone will best ensure you retain a partner that will help you achieve tangible results that translate into a measurable return on your online investment. If you are in the process of finding the right candidates, these questions will act as a good filter: 1) How long have you been developing websites? What challenges have you found in the process? What do you like the most about creating a site? 2) Which kind of websites have you created? What Content Management System (CMS) have you used? Which one is your favorite and why? How long have you been deploying this technology? Can you show me the back-end of similar sites you??ve deployed? 3) Do you handle all development work in-house? How big is your team? How long have they been working together? 4) Do you know how to build responsive sites (so it will work on mobile devices???cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc)? 5) Is your content management system (CMS)/technology proprietary or open source? What types of licensing fees are there? 6) Do you know how to code? Will you be able to alter the code of a theme to customize the template with my brand needs without breaking the theme's core language? 7) What is your estimated timeline to build my website? Can you walk me through your design and developing process? 8) Will you send me all the design source files used in the project, as well as monthly/weekly website backups? 9) Do you have a dedicated project manager that will be managing this project? 10) How do you track the success of your websites? What key performance indicators (KPI) do you usually use? Read more here -