Here are 3 ??#??_Free??? tools to optimize your website's visibility, user engagement and SEO: 1.- Google URL Builder: ??#??_URLBuilder??? is a Google Analytics tool to track links in emails, online ads, and pretty much anything you??re using hyperlinks in. 2.- Google Authorship: Google Authorship allows us to link content we publish on a specific domain to our Google+ profile. This is important when building organic visibility, local engagement and great to boost our SERP ranking. 3.- Google Insights for Search (beta): ??#??_GoogleInsightsforSearch??? is a more robust version of ??#??_GoogleTrends???. It allows us to see what key words (and key words associated with products or services) are more or less popular across geographic locations, categories, time frames and properties. Which Google free tool do you like the most? Share your opinion in the comment section. I would like to hear from you! Which of the free tools I am sharing on this post do you think will be more useful to your business? Why?