Two questions for you: 1. Have you ever gotten so mad about a situation that you finally got jolted out of indecision... and took strong action which resulted in a purchase (to fix the situation)? 2. Or... have you ever gotten so excited about a possibility that you made a decision, took action, and bought something? You're not alone. In fact, just saying "yes" to one of those two questions, above, qualifies you as a member of the human race. (Pssst??_ I already knew you were human. But I wasn??t sure you know about the overwhelmingly motivational power of emotion??_ so I gave you these two vivid examples to put things in perspective.) Now, the question for you as a marketer, copywriter, entrepreneur, is: How do you credibly and effectively stimulate motivating emotion in the people who read your copy, so that they will take action... and buy? You got questions? I got answers. Here are four ways: 1. Get in touch with the pain and/or frustration your prospects are feeling in their current situation. 2. Get your prospects longing for the relief/peace of mind/excitement/happiness of what it will be like after they have gotten the result you are offering and promising. 3. Share your prospects' anger about an injustice or frustration by voicing the same feelings yourself. 4. Let your prospects off the hook. Relieve their guilt, and they'll give you money. Read examples of each on my original blog Until next time, David