The Online Publishers Association found that 80% of internet users recall watching a video add on a website they visited within the last 30 days, and also revealed that videos are shared 1,200% more times than links and text combined. Here are 5 tips to help you make Vine an effective part of your marketing efforts: 1. Put A Face On It. The number one effort to stand out from competitors is personalizing our brand with our own voice and charisma. Putting a face to your online footprint not only humanize your efforts, it also allows your audience to connect with you on multiple levels leading you to reach more decisions makers. Use Vine video to cameo your friendly staff, or introduce yourself as the face behind the business card. 2. Make A Mini Advertisement Worth Mentioning. Get your staff involved in creating a short, mini-mercial to show-off your product or service. Not only Vine is a DIY method of advertising simple and cost effective, in six seconds it offers us an opportunity for fun within the ranks. Make sure to showcase your product/service's benefits; and, create a habit of offering a different benefit every week. This will allow you to build a loyal audience, increase leads, expand your page views and traffic to your website. 3. Make Your Product/Service The Star. Whether you have a storefront or an office where you make it all happen; or, work in Real Estate and want to add dimension to a listing, using video to give the grand tour inspires connection and enthusiasm from your followers. This also allows them to know where to find you. 4. Amp Up Your Announcement. Create a fun video to highlight your business accomplishments and involve the customers and employees who helped you make it all happen. A short video is a simple and effective way of getting the message out in a way that sticks. This is great for announcing sales and special promotions, holding a contest, celebrating a milestone, anniversary, re-branding or any other special occasion. 5. Testify and Amplify. There is a reason that Yelp has become a top destination for consumers -- people want to know that you can make them happy. Use Vine to feature your business history, your success, your satisfied customers and draw in new business. Invite your viewers to share your video and experiences with your brand and products/services. Have you come across any Vine videos that caught your attention from a small or large business? What do you think about Vine?