Sean Thackrey is an eccentric winemaker in the lost-from-the-world town of Bolinas, California. In fact, eccentric covers nearly everything about Thackrey. But if you look closely at what he does, you'll realize his way of thinking and his way of doing can make your copy as irresistible as his wines, if... ... you apply those thinking and doing ways to your particular situation. The thing to know about Thackrey is that he is very learned, but he has created his own science. He's empirical, rather than derivative. "Empirical," in this case, means, guided by his own experience, rather than depending on theory or conventional wisdom. "Derivative," in this case, means, copied or adapted from others. One sheep following the flock, unthinking and in lockstep. In winemaking, that would be the bland leading the blind. Thackrey has unique methods he developed based on experimentation??_ research into texts well over 2,000 years old??_ and just pure intuition to make some of the most sought-after wines in California. In copywriting, when you don't put your heart and your guts and your feet and your all into what you're writing, you get a predictable and same response every time: "Ho-hum." Which, in this case, means: yawn. Now, am I suggesting that you write with passionate abandon, knowing that if you follow your heart, the high-percentage response rates and thusly the money will follow you, wherever you go? No. I don't take you for a fool. "Write whatever you love, and the money will follow." Hey, that's a good one! (A good recipe for disaster.) Sorry. Affection and passion are important, but not enough to make the ka-ching sound over and over again. You need to find out what works, universally, and develop skill in that as technique. It??s called ???testing,?? ???tracking,?? and ???adjustment?? ??? based on what your tests and tracking tell you. But don??t become an unthinking follower of depersonalized data. Because there??s more. Copywriting, ultimately, is personal. That is, you also need to find out what works for you... who you are as an enthusiastic proponent of what you are promoting... how you say it best... and then weave that into your finely honed technique. Your personal stamp, as it were. Learn more about all this from Sean Thackery: Cheers, David