Hi everyone! I just received notice from the Department of Consumer Affairs that we are not allowed to have doors open if we have our A/C on. I know this is environmental common sense, but my store is really small and we have a window A/C unit that gets about half the shop (mostly back stock!) and so from time to time we have had the door open if there's a breeze as well as the A/C on. The name of the law is Local Law 92 of 2015 or Air Conditioning Law. This law does not apply to: doors and windows that are open to serve food and beverages or doors and windows open during shipping. Additionally any "chain" store (with more than five stores) must post a sticker with this law information on it that instructs consumers to call 3-1-1 if anyone is in violation. I am happy to oblige with this environmentally conscientious law, but just wanted to share in case anyone else was in the same boat as me and had no idea!