So... As a women's apparel business, there is quite the learning curve when it comes to who qualifies as an "influencer." Sometimes people ask me to collaborate, and they have the same amount of followers as I have on my personal Instagram and no blog to speak of. When I was working for magazines, you worked for a media outlet or you weren't part of the media. That culture has changed, in some ways for the better and for other ways for the worse. I really respect the amount of work that goes into these lifestyle blogs, but honestly, I have a little bit of natural resistance when it comes to people portraying their lives like magazines. I love pretty pictures, but I can't relate to people who spend 100% of their time garnishing their food, and taking pictures of their vacations and decorating their homes. (Maybe some day I will!) So instead of approaching lifestyle bloggers I decided to reach out to a community I can understand who is often underpaid and overworked: artists!! So far I have a budding makeup artist in Iceland who has her teenage photographer friends photograph her, the singer/songwriter Mitski, and I have reached out to other who "blog" but also seem to earn their living in creative direction, etc. It's far more relevant to who our customer base here on Graham Ave. is. We are business owners, freelancers, service industry workhorses, young parents, etc. And I'm psyched that I can give musicians and students free clothing in exchange for their creative work. It feels good.