Business owners typically watch the money going out. Most have little money to waste. However, many fail to look at the other side of the coin. By that, I mean they never take in the money in the first place. I??m talking about lost or foregone sales. A prime example is overlooking the add-on sale. Well run restaurants are very familiar with the power of the add-on sale. Remember being asked if you would like dessert? That??s an add-on to the meal. Really well run restaurants train staff to present the dessert to you in the most mouthwatering way. Counting on the diner to ask for dessert will leave a lot of dessert money in the diner??s wallet. The add-on must be sold. Well-trained clothing store clerks suggest a belt or tie or scarf to go with the ensemble you just purchased. Salon staffs suggest merchandise to keep up the treatment regime at home. Amazon always tells you what others bought to go with your selection. Employees won??t make add-on sales just because you tell them to do so. They must be shown how to do it. Training is critical to effectively implement this sales building tactic. If cash flow is tight (and when isn??t it?), the art of the add-on sale can make a difference in your cash flow and bottom line. How do you make add-on sales in your business?