Recently, I have signed up for a free month trial with a company, named ZenReach, as I understand, they are an marketing platform that utilize a free-wifi for guest to capture guest information; like email address, birthdate, social media connection, etc, and then uses the data to send email and/or text messages to customers, as well as monitor the frequency of their visit. It took the completely manual iContact concept and spin into an almost-completely automated system, which means I can save a lot of time and be more efficient. But of course, anything this good comes with a price tag, it costs $300/mth. Is this price worth it? That's the question I want to ask. Is anyone currently using this kind of system/technology? What's your experience so far? I have also received an email from another company similar to Zenreach, name Five Stars. If you like, they are running a free webinar, you can sign up here: