I have been working with the public all my life in one way or another and know how to corral dealings to a positive outcome most of the time. A year and a half ago I stopped selling vintage and used clothing.I have to say dealing with consignors was one of the most difficult situations I put myself in. It was basically a business contract extended to someone from the general public. It??s like going on Tinder for Retail! The larger percent of my consignors were very easy to deal with but there was a handful that made my life very difficult. I relocated my business and now offer only new clothing. I kept a small cabinet of vintage jewelry. A little taste for my women. It is fun to curate and adds a special touch to the store. I have been able to wean my business from consignors. I only have two left. Sadly, one has become such a problem I dread when he comes in. He has started bullying me. Initially I brought in a bit of his vintage jewelry to help him out. An aging veteran that is disabled.. Sadly,I have come to realize he is mentally ill. I am at the moment boxing up his merchandise. He is belligerent. He leaves abusive messages on my business phone at night and sounds like he is drugged.....etc..etc...etc... I tell him I am no longer selling his products. Take them??_..he won??t. He shows up when the store Is open and I can??t make a scene because I have customers. This will sort itself out. I am not afraid to call the cops. I will not play victim.The biggest problem is dealing with a character like this along with maintaining an atmosphere of pleasantry in my store. I know what I have to do. Give him his merchandize with his inventory list and tell him not to come back. I know what he will do. He will feign that he is going to pass out. He will start yelling that I am cheating him.(He is paid in full.) He will try not to take his goods because he can??t carry them with his cane and tell me he will be back next week. OMG! I feel like I am between a rock and a hard place. I will never take on a consigner again. Since this is a business relationship I really am at a lose with handling this guy. He has not done anything illegal. If I hand him his box and not let him even enter the store me fear is he will make a huge scene??_.while I have customers. I don??t want to do this. Obviously I don??t want to scare away business. Has anyone dealt with this behavior before? How did you handle it? What was the outcome?