101 Marketing.....I am not selling products. I am selling what need the produces fulfills for my customer. I have a formula I found and thought it was worth pinning on my board. (C) X (S ) X (E )= (UV).....CULTURE X STORY X EMPATHY = UNIQUE VOICE. Everything you do is of interest to your customers. You are your product. Make them listen to you....I am trying to get the hang of Blogging. ( It is so time consuming and I don't think many read my blog but I know it is really important for SEO so I write it. I have to admit I was really scared and still am to get too personal. Once I realized I have to offer a voice behind my business I became freer. I follow other businesses and study how they use social media, and what they write about in their blogs. Customers want personality and connection. I really believe they crave it.