It??s an alarming truth that almost every business in the entire professional world isn??t making nearly as much as it could be. I??m not talking about the few dollars that occasionally get lost due to sloppy logistics; I??m talking about thousands and in some cases, even millions of dollars that are left on the table year after year by both minor and major businesses. It??s an honest mistake that??s been around for a very long time. This makes it all the more sad that no one is looking to correct it. One of the biggest mistakes any business owner could make (particularly in the retail industry) is not informing your customers about the history and significance your brand. The very face of your business are the name and symbol that represent it, but just how many of you how thought about what that really means to the consumer? It is not just a tool to set you apart from competitors in the market; it is essentially its own person. You might be making sales, but how many of your customers know who your founder is? How about the CEO? The year you started up? If you??re one of the few entrepreneurs who can say yes, then congratulations. You have succeeded in building a personal bond with your customers. One that ensures them coming back and spending their hard earned money in your store, even if your price point is higher than that of your competitor??s. If you cannot say this, however, then you have some serious brand building to do. You may not have the rich pedigree of the timeless brands we??ve all come to know and love, but you do have a motive. Let it be heard loud and clear; tell your customers and prospects what you aim to achieve. There are an infinite amount of ways to go about doing this???keep in mind that your focus is your message, and not just a fancy way of presenting it. Instead of trying to make a sale, try to make a friend. If your product was made with care and effort then rest assured, the sale will always follow.