Can we separate our business with our personal identity? My small business was a family business. I have always been uncomfortable with taking over its identity with my own. I did not want to loose the store??s original customer following. Slowly I have injected myself into the business and feel confident my customer base has moved on and now identify the store with me, not the past owner. I have kept the name and I will never change it. That name is my brand but I am the owner and everything that happens in the business is directly from my sweat and tears. It feels good to now feel empowered enough to move on: to see my vision gaining strength and and exciting possibilities. So today, (drum roll please), I feel confident with taking the picture of the past owner off my website and replacing with my own. So my question to all of you out in Townsquared is, has anyone dealt with an identity issue? If so, how did you handle it?