For those of you who do pop-up markets or sell locally-designed goods, I just wanted to share the news that Brooklyn Night Bazaar (forced to close because BMW bought it's market/venue space a while back) has now found a new home in one of Greenpoint's Gaudy Buildings. "Brooklyn Bazaar announces its long-awaited return to Greenpoint: it will now inhabit the iconic Polonaise Terrace, located right on the corner of Greenpoint Avenue at Manhattan Avenue. Continuing the success of the previous Night Bazaar, the new venue will be an even more curated and "bizarre" mix of decadent mirrored rooms, a music venue, a 7-day restaurant, private karaoke rooms and blacklight arcade, all spanning 3 floors. " They are now calling for vendor applications for Fall/Winter. I had an ok time there when I did it for a weekend, but I heard the holidays are the best time to do it! Happy Friday!