I have two business buddies I am talking with, discussing cross promoting. I??ve had this idea stored in the back of my mind, but with all the ???gabillion?? other tasks on my daily list, I haven??t been able to implement the idea. Now I am thinking, ???Why don??t I expand my horizons? Don??t play with the same kids every recess; let me explore Townsquared! I can see there are quite a few small businesses that may be an easy fit. For example, if you are a Gift store, Jewelry Boutique, Day Spa, Knitting/Craft Business, Cafe, I could bring a few outfits from my store and play dress up with you, the owner, or an employee or two and take some fun pictures. ( Check out my lifestyle pics on my website...I am a pretty good photographer, if I do say so myself :) Together with a little online write up, letting the world know how wonderful we all are, we can send it over both our social media channels. This doesn??t even have to be with my store. If there is someone on Townsquared that you think would be a good fit to cross promote online, reach out to them. Something fun and useful may come out of it.