As previously stated, there are companies that do not qualify but have a strong desire to become a part of this program. Some even commit fraud to take part in this program. The consequences of being caught and charged are paying a fine and going to prison. What is the program? The program is the supplier diversity certification program. Why are they willing to commit fraud? Let me tell you more about the program to help you to gain a better understanding of the program. The supplier diversity certification program is designed to help underrepresented and disadvantaged (small, minority, women, LGBT and Veteran-owned) businesses become suppliers, get their foot in the door and be positioned to partner with Fortune 500 and government buyers. The buyers have a mandate to purchase 23-50% of goods and services with underrepresented and disadvantaged suppliers, like you. This mandate assists the buyers in meeting their supplier diversity goals. How can you participate and what are the benefits for you? Stay tuned next week and I will tell you.