For those of you in the restaurant business or in any form of retail, I am sure you know why closing on a holiday isn't just a given. I am straddling this place at my store where I want a company culture that includes work/life balance and a healthy lifestyle, but I also want to grow and be taken seriously as a store front. When nine-to-five people have days off, then I may have more customers. I have entertained the thought of paying people extra to work on holidays, for example, on Labor Day, but sometimes, these days are hit or miss (for example, 4th of July was quite slow, New Year's Eve is very good). But a friend of mine pointed out that paying more than the normal hourly here at the store might eat up the entire profit. Do you have days you take off in retail? I have seen some people who never close, and others who close for an entire week or two for summer vacation. I haven't really figured out what's best for me and our company culture, my bank account, and me as an individual and would love to know what you do.