Mobile this, mobile that??_. Every article about technology trends seems to start with mobile. I??m writing to share some thoughts on mobile and payments. There a few things to consider. First does it look right to accept mobile payments. If you have a physical store or office space, then taking a mobile payment inside of that location may look odd. Second, you should have as many (mobile) card-readers as there are people in your company that are out and about performing a service or selling a good. For example, if you are a plumber and it's just you, you need one card reader. If however, you are the owner of a plumbing company and you have 4 others making repairs for clients, each one of your repairmen should have their own reader. Third, it makes sense for some businesses to move to a mobile platform because the payment processing cost for swiping a card is less than taking an order over the phone. Tying this all together we have a pizzeria that has a POS system inside of their restaurant, and each one of their delivery people have a card reader attached to their cell phone. The pizzeria saves more than $100 every month by having a mobile payment platform as part of their payment solution. Where are you at in terms of taking mobile payments? I??d love to hear your thoughts. Jonathan