I generally don??t post unless I am experiencing something and I think sharing may help or inform someone. Sometimes I experience nothing and have nothing to say. Until last night. My 24 year old son was excited to start an ecommerce site and then I heard disappointment in his voice after being told by many not too! Receipt statistics are at an 80% failure rate. I called my son to tell him a short story...that he did not want to listen to. I had a customer share with me about investing in an ecommerce site selling vitamins. She was informed this was very hot market. She was told by a marketing company. The only people that made any money every month was the marketing company. Nothing against these companies. Businesses need their skills. I wanted to warn my son because of the old saying... ???If the idea was so great, everyone would be doing it and making a lot of money!?? I don??t want to discourage my son. I am an entrepreneur and understand the risk taking. It is part of the job. I do think at this stage of the game, e commerce is extraordinarily competitive in the year 2016. It is not the same wild west it was in the early 2000??s. I will tell him to do his homework! Find a niche. He is smart. He will do well??_.(I am his mother??_)