Have you ever filled up a consumer complaint form? I think I am about to do it... I am having a bad experience with my landlord. Sometimes I am getting brown water from two of my faucets. I have been complaining, superintendents have taken multiple water samples, and faucet strainers have been cleaned... yet it seems we are getting nowhere. My goal is for the landlord to test the water and determine what it is making it brown, and to make sure it??s safe to drink. But, apparently my goals are not part of his agenda. The supers claim that no one else in the building is going through this experience; and even though they have seen the brown water coming out the faucet, they are saying it is because we are not using that faucet regularly... which is not the case. Or, city constructions could be the cause. Do you have any suggestions? Is there any free legal support out there I could reach out? I found a lot of information online, but these two links seem to be the best sources: 1) https://www.usa.gov/consumer-complaints 2) http://www.ncdoj.gov/complaint.aspx