In my last post, I mentioned the use of credit cards to pay monthly bills from vendors. One of the plusses is earning frequent flier miles. Perhaps you have a credit card that earns you one mile per dollar spent. So, if you pay a $10,000 bill to a vendor, you have just earned 10,000 miles. In terms of miles, that??s about half what a basic coach airline ticket costs. My brother, sister and I have flown first- or business class on almost all of our very long flights, courtesy of miles. There is another often overlooked way to earn miles using your credit card. If I have to purchase a product online for a client, I earn miles because I am using the aforementioned credit card that earns a mile per dollar. But I can enhance the miles by entering the company??s website via a frequent flier program??s online shopping platform. For example, I need to buy something at Steve??s Widgets. As luck would have it, Steve??s Widgets works with most of the airlines (and hotels). I enter the American Airlines Aadvantage website and go to the shopping area. It tells me that I get 2 miles for every dollar spent at Steve??s Widgets. I buy $200 worth of widgets. I get 200 miles using the credit card, but another 400 miles for entering Steve??s Widget??s website using a side door. That??s not all. My business also needs supplies, chief among them ink for our printers. So, I again, I log into the Aadvantage website and search for printer ink. Some companies linked with the airline program offer 12 miles per dollar spent! Yes, 12 miles! We all know how expensive ink is. So, I buy enough ink for just my own printer to hold me a couple months. In April, I bought five ink cartridges and my bill came to $194 and change. Thus, I earned 2,328 miles for something I needed to buy anyhow. (Staples and Office Depot also offer miles, but fewer than the ink suppliers.) In the past, I would have needed to fly half way across the country to earn 2,300 miles, but most of the airlines have changed their programs so you earn miles based on what you pay for your ticket, rather than how many miles long the flight is. Here??s another aspect to be aware of: Only some American Express cards allow you to earn miles, so you need to know that. The upside is you can transfer your Amex miles to some airline programs, Delta Skymiles being one of them. There are a lot of rules to know when dealing with frequent flier programs, especially the redemption of miles. I won??t get very into that here. For more information, go to your individual frequent flier website or check out this website: