If you are on a limited budget, and especially if you find yourself stuck sitting at a desk for the better part of the day, I highly recommend investing a few dollars in a foam roller. Foam rolling breaks up scar tissue, improves your range of motion and flexibility, stimulates circulation and elminates toxins from the body. It's an excellent way to warm up muscles before exercising, or cool down after a workout, as it aids in recovery. I also personally think its a great way to start your day, and will get your feeling energized! Here are a couple of easy moves to get you started: Quad Foam Roll Start by coming onto your right side with the foam roller right under your right quad. Place all the weight into your hands and let your feet come off the ground. Slowly move the foam roller up and down the leg by shifting your weight forward and back. Begin rolling the IT band (side of the quad) from your hip down to the knee. Once you've spent 30 seconds on that side, switch to the rectus femoris (front of the quad). After 30 seconds, switch to the adductor longus and gracillis (inside of the quad and groin). Repeat on the other leg. You can continue to switch back and forth between legs for however long you like. Hip Foam Roll Start by sitting on the foam roller with your left leg crossed over your right, hands directly behind you. Gently rock from side to side to release tight glutes. After 30 second switch sides. Come onto your stomach with hands on the ground, foam roller under the iliacus (front of your hip). Gently roll this area out for 30 seconds before switching sides.