I have been selling gift card manually since 1999...charging customers' credit cards, mailing the gift cards, tracking gift card balances and everything else that goes with it. Then I found out my current credit card merchant company do offer gift cards in the form of a credit card, but in my disappoinment, I learnt that I must meet their minimum quantity to which I can't :-( Then a few month ago, I received an email from Yiftee, an online gift card company, which does not have minimum quantity, and the beauty is customer can purchase from my website directly around the clock in whatever amount they want! :-D I do have to pay $15 monthly fee, but the increased quantity of gift cards I sold because of the conveniences, and the reduced time and work on my lap are way worth it! :-) Check it out. If you have better suggestion, I am open to hear it. http://yiftee.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=fbbc1783df758e94d7481371d&id=5a7b6dcc5a&e=19d7763a8a