Customer Service Someone acknowledged today that I spend a lot of time with my customers. This made me start thinking about how I deal with my women. I guess I do! It is the way I have always operated. If the store is busy obviously that is a different story, and some regulars will actually leave and come back so I can give them my individual attention.There are customers that have come to expect a one on one experience and it is part of the atmosphere of my business. I think I am well received with my customers. I listen to them, I remember the history of our previous conversations so I can bring up a topic last discussed. ???How is your husband??s health??? ??? How was the vacation you just returned from??? My personal interest in their well being is also organic. I always put my customer first, then the sale. Maybe that is why I am not rolling in dough! I am hoping the long term impressions and honest nature of how I sell builds repeat customers. I do see this momentum building so I think my instinct is right. I found this article with the basics of reading a customer. Obviously you may not agree with all the pointers but it offers some good insights if you or your staff really does not have a clue on how to sell.