Hello Excellent TownSquaredians! Fishing is a wonderful hobby but there??s nothing fun or endearing about PHISHING! The example below is full of links that will NOT be saving you with your VA benefits. In fact there will be benefit to you at all, but there will be surely to some criminal waiting at the other end of the data. Most likely you??ll be redirected to a page, cleverly designed to appear as the original. The old phishing pages looked amateurish and clumsy, but this is not the case for new ones. They indeed are well done now and sometimes have even looked better and more genuine than the existing one! ALWAYS check the link you are redirected to in an email by physically going to the URL of the browser and it should match the website. If it does not, DO NOT PROCEED with your login info. Otherwise potential Epic Sadness may ensue. I got one recently for Wells Fargo that looked IDENTICAL to the official page. One thing that the phishing pages are now doing. is collecting the username and password then redirecting to the REAL site, making it just look like a login "Glitch"....but now they have your login credentials. If you ever are in doubt of a suspicious email or page, please contact me right away and I can help ascertain if it's real or SCAM!