Arman at NY Dental posted a great idea on Townsquared. He reached out with the request to post little niceties we witness or receiving from our local small businesses. I really think this is a wonderful idea. I have be wracking my brain trying to think of great service I received or a good feeling I left with from a business in my neighborhood. I have a quick list of not so pleasant??_.but this is so much more appealing. The story I want share concerns Award Hardware, situated beneath my store. We compete for the same street frontage, they are in the basement and I am above them. When I moved into my space there was a woman selling jewelry on the street. She was a street vendor and a neighborhood staple.I found out from my neighbors that the hardware store owner would allow this old woman to leave her merchandise and her table in their store until the next morning, every day. I have a friend who had two stores in the East Village. She lost both and had to eek out a living in an outdoor flea market. I still remember watching her push her cart past my store, back and forth. The physical exertion, she said, was killing her. I believed her. So when I heard the story of the Hardware store owner allowing the elder street vendor to house her wares every night, I really appreciated the heartfelt gesture. I thought of my friend and wished she had a good samaritan offering storage nearby.