While many businesses are gearing up for a busy holiday season, as a fitness trainer I expect quieter than usual weeks ahead while people forego their regular workouts for parties and shopping for gifts. The attached article is helpful in outlining strategies for looking forward to the new year, reaching out to clients (past and present), and offering incentives for future exercise plans. It's a great time to even take a step back and evaluate business as a whole. Here are the 3 tips from the article, in summary: 1) Book in 2 sessions for January (I even go so far as offering a "2 for 1" deal) 2) Reach out to all clients (active and inactive) once now, and once in the new year. Make the notes personal and not necessarily about training. 3) Give clients some at-home holiday tips for staying in shape (in Gyrotonic, we have the homework series, which is intended to keep the body moving even when you cannot get to a studio) This could be a simple email or a beautifully put-together handout; this could end up being shared with others, gaining interest in your practice! http://www.theptdc.com/2013/12/personal-trainer-holiday-tips/