Hey everyone, For those of us who do not have most of our inventory available online, I think it is really important to target your audience geographically when you are spending money on Facebook to "boost" posts. I understand that you can encourage people to click on a link, like your page or come to your shop. Likes are good but don't create cash. Clicks are good unless your site only has 5% of your offerings on it, and a button for directions or to call the shop won't usually get someone out of bed or a bar or to leave work and walk on over. For me, I find that using "Friends of Friends" is a good option because then the "targeted" person might see that they have a friend who likes that business and perhaps if you have created the right ad or posted items that appeal to that person, they will actually be inclined to come in! Just a thought of how to get more bang for your buck while we are all experimenting on these ads!