Right now I am taking a small business class that is supposed to help you design your business with built-in concepts of your ideal work/life balance, etc. We are reading the book Essentialism as one of our textbooks. I just started this book, but it's really painful to read. The idea is that we CANNOT do everything. That if we are people-pleasing, we use our time unwisely, spread ourselves thin, burn out, and don't actually do a good job. But some of us are just very interested in tons of things. Does that mean we stray of course. YES IT DOES! But can we make a deadline, build a business, go off and start a blog and have multiple businesses. I think for some of us, it's absolutely necessary to our contentment to have multiple balls in the air at once. Or maybe that's BS and I am just successfully procrastinating when it comes to focusing on analytics, a solid business plan and managing my cash flow because it bores me to tears and I am not taking this seriously enough. I heard recently that Sophia Amuroso who runs and owns NastyGal (an e-comm site nwo with three brick and mortars) spends her time being a business coach, writing books and is now producing a Netflix television series with Charlize Theron. (I haven't verified this.) My question is, do you think it's wise to put any goals that do not directly relate to your business on the backburner, so that you can become truly stable, and even a little wealthy, in your small business a little bit more quickly, and then focus on this "joy" project full time?