I had gotten the hang of social media, sort of. I have picked the top few platforms I recognize to be best for my customers. I have an Ecommerce website and I use Mailchimp to send out campaign blasts and sale events. I watch through the administrative back ends almost live how many clicks I receive from Mailchimp to my website. It is really kind of neat! I would say my strongest marketing pull (I can only use freebees) is Mailchimp. My customers are very responsive to my blasts. I have curated, for me, an extensive list of emails.. I have been growing my list for a solid 2 years and treat it like a living entity. I have made some mistakes and see the results of those mistakes in real time. When my customers are happy, they buy things. When they are not happy, they UNSUBSCRIBE! It is all in the timing. Send out not enough email campaigns and my sales definitely feel the drop. Send out too many and too close together and I get the dreaded Unsubscribe. It is such a delicate balance. It is like growing a plant. Water too much and it wilts, maybe even dies. Water too little and it craves attention, wilts and maybe even dies. I have also learned the customer that stays on the list really wants to stay in touch with my store. The women that subscribe don??t. I stopped taking it personally a long time ago. It has taken me two years to have a healthy list. It is a list of customers that will spend money in my business. I just have to be patient and hope my business and my list stay best friends.