It's a straight up fact that business today is a popularity contest. You could be very well known, but if you're not liked???kiss your sales goodbye. The good news is that in today's world, it is easier than ever to get popular. The answer is social media. These free platforms provide you with absolutely everything you need in order to attract fans to your company. These fans will not only support you with their hard earned money, but if you do things right???they're more than likely to share your content and tell their friends about you. It is essentially free marketing, but like all marketing, your social media strategy must be very carefully devised and precisely targeted at your consumer. Your content and hashtags must be linked to either yourself or your business???or you risk attracting the wrong consumer or confusing your current customers. Consider growing your social media accounts using services like River or Instagress. These are services that automate some of your activity in order to help you interact with relevant followers and build an audience relatively quickly. You must still, however, interact with your followers organically and not let the programs take over your social media.