Business owners and marketing executives today have some of the hardest jobs in the whole world. On average, we see about 14,000 logos, commercials, and marketing pieces every single day???to the point where our brains subconsciously and automatically ignore them. These men and women have the incredibly difficult task of moving past that, and pushing their brands to the top of the market and into the hearts and minds of consumers; a task that gets more and more impossible with every passing week. Many of these people go about it in the same old basic ways: printed ads, commercials, social media accounts, discounts and promotions, etc. Sad to say???these tactics simply do not work anymore. In a market that is constantly fighting to get our attention, these simple approaches will get you absolutely nowhere. You will bore your audience, waste your money, and in some cases even manage to unsell your products; as your boring old marketing can pigeonhole your brand into just those two categories: boring and old. So how do you prevent this and make your brand out to be an exciting and memorable one? The answer is much simpler than you may think. It will most definitely take some forward thinking, but with the right consumer knowledge and a little creativity, any brand can stand out above the rest and take over as much of its market share as it can handle. Our biggest asset lies in one of the most basic fields of knowledge: the study of human nature and psychology. We as humans may think we know who we are and what we want, but science strongly disagrees???and it happens to be right. It is not our working conscious mind that governs our actions and buying habits???but the deep down subconscious. It controls every single move we make, including the brands we prefer and the companies we choose to do business with.